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Here’s a little bit more about us. Established for nearly 10 years now, SAJB Inc. is a service company specializing in the integration of automated systems, industrial computing, designing, manufacturing, and certification of control panels.

The partnerships we have developed over these years are proof of our success. Our approach towards our clients is to find solutions in order to provide the desired performance and increase the performance level. We prioritize your criteria.

Since the beginning, we have experienced constant and sustained growth, crossing the hurdles of time with professionalism and conviction. Thanks to our constant dedication, we have been able to increase our fields of expertise and our skills in several sectors of activity, including agri-food, manufacturing, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and many more.

Always eager to meet the needs of our clients, our team works in synergy to offer you the best solutions to optimize your production and find innovative alternatives to meet your needs.

Already well established in our region, we are recognized for our ingenuity as well as our avant-garde side. We see the future with optimism and aim high!

Pushing certain limits and developing new ways of doing things is what motivates all the members of our team on a daily basis.

You now know a little bit more about us.

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